Cutter Aviation Technical Services - Raisbeck Engineering Enhanced Performance Leading Edges for King Air

Raisbeck Enhanced Performance Leading Edges

Available for all 200/B200 King Airs. An EPIC element.  Installation by Cutter Aviation Technical Services.


  • Increased cruise speeds
  • Reduced stall speeds
  • Increased outboard wing life
  • More efficient air conditioning through improved intercooler efficiency
  • Excellent low speed flying qualities and stall characteristics


  • Modern aerodynamic airfoil improves airflow
  • Composite construction for strength and weight savings
  • Recessed flush-mounted de-icing boots minimize drag
  • Extended de-icing boot material protects intercooler inlet from foreign object damage
  • Optimize intercooler inlet and ducting

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PHX Technical Services Staff

David Groppenbacher - Cutter Aviation Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)

David Groppenbacher
Reg'l Sales Manager, PHX
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Michael Hedding - Cutter Aviation Dallas-Addison (ADS)

Michael Hedding
Reg'l Sales Manager, ADS/SAT
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