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cutter-aviation-charter-flightsWhether your travel is for business or pleasure, Cutter Flight Management has the experience and a diverse charter aircraft fleet to meet your travel needs, no matter how complex.

Many clients of Cutter Flight Management use air charter service for their business needs due to the high frequency of travel conducted by corporations, entrepreneurs, and business people. Their missions are often complex and require chartering an aircraft not as a luxury or “perk”, but rather as a necessity for business productivity and efficiency. For instance, companies that require visiting three or five cities in a single day or those taking a team of people often turn that travel time into productive work time, discuss proprietary information en route and/or move products and services that can’t be taken on commercial airlines. It is for these reasons, Cutter Flight Management provides the most cost effective and reliable air charter service without compromising on safety, quality or luxury.

  • Air charter services allow business executives to select their fellow passengers
  • Air charter service eliminates the crowded hassle of terminals and most airport delays
  • Air charter services allow business executives to choose their own time of departure and adjust as necessary
  • Air charter services allow business executives to choose the size aircraft and optimal seating arrangements
  • Air charter service improves productivity by allowing executives and staff to work and meet inflight in privacy
  • Air charter service provides options to choose all services on board and on the ground
  • Air charter service allows air travel to be as flexible as your business requires

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