Cutter Aviation Technical Services - Raisbeck Engineering High Flotation Gear Doors for King Air

Raisbeck Engineering High Flotation Gear Doors

Available for 350, B200, 200, 100, A100, B100 and F90 models. An EPIC element for models equipped with high-flotation landing gear.  Installation by Cutter Aviation Technical Services.


  • Restored standard gear climb and cruise performance
  • Cruise speeds increased by 4-10 knots
  • Wheel wells, tires, wheels and brakes stay clean


  • Full enclose the optional high flotation landing gear
  • Aerodynamically designed for maximum drag reduction
  • Lightweight composite construction for maximum strength and durability

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PHX Technical Services Staff

David Groppenbacher - Cutter Aviation Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)

David Groppenbacher
Reg'l Sales Manager, PHX
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Michael Hedding - Cutter Aviation Dallas-Addison (ADS)

Michael Hedding
Reg'l Sales Manager, ADS/SAT
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