Cutter Aviation Technical Services - Raisbeck Engineering Dual Aft Body Strakes for King Air

Raisbeck Engineering Dual Aft Body Strakes for King Air

Available for all King Air models. An EPIC element.  Installation by Cutter Aviation Technical Services.


  • Eliminate or raise yaw damper limits, increasing your dispatch reliability; specifically:
5,000 ft
19,000 ft
11,000 ft
18,500 ft
17,000 ft
No Limit
17,000 ft
No Limit
  • Improved directional stability and pilot control
  • Reduced drag in all flight modes
  • Improved passenger ride quality
  • Quieter cabin and cockpit
  • Increased climb and cruise performance
  • Inherently reduced minimum control airspeed


  • Wing/body vortices normally disrupt airflow under the aft fuselage, creating drag. Dual Aft Body Strakes eliminate this separation, channeling the vortices and accelerating the air — in effect, pushing the airplane through the air.

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